Wonder Makes Me Inspire
What is Wonder? Curiosity + Imagination. Where is Wonder? Arizona + You.
160/90 commissioned me to develop the style direction and style frame designs for their next 30-second animation for the University of Arizona.
In this story, Jocelyne Rivera (DPhil candidate through NIH Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program) shares how research is her passion, and how pursuing that passion has inspired others, especially Latina and Hispanic women, to pursue theirs as well. When asked what has helped her find her wonder since coming to the University of Arizona, Jocelyne said, “I think research. I found my passion. Wonder makes me happy. When I wonder about something, I'm addressing a challenge. I also didn't know that I had the power to inspire people. That was one of the main things that I learned here at the U of A."
Client: University of Arizona
Art Direction: One Sixty/Ninety
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