To promote and elevate the Latinx community, UPS requested to design an art piece for their campaign Proudly Unstoppable that represented what it feels like to be a Latinx Small Business Owner. With the concept "Fire within us" I became inspired to use the fire element as the manifestation of creativity, energy, and resilience. 
Also the use of hand imagery is meant to represent identity, power, connection, and creation. This piece became a limited edition package (something UPS hasn’t changed for decades) and a mural in Chicago that is not known as a Latino community city but is Latino strong like any other big city and economy across the country. 
The mural featured Latinx businesses around when you scanned the art.

Creative Directors: Kevin Ragland, Jeanette Tyson
Concept: Rique Santiago, Paola Villatoro-Weir
Production Company: Lobo, Muros
Design & Illustration: Luis Pinto
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