Each year the Secret 7” auction sees renowned and emerging artists design record sleeves for one of seven selected tracks. These are shown in an exhibition and auctioned for charity, the twist being that the identity of each sleeve’s designer remains secret until the record is purchased. Since 2012, this formula has provided plenty of fuel for educated guesses and debates among fans, with some artists’ handiwork more obviously distinctive than others, and has delivered more than a few surprises to lucky buyers. 
Each artist created a unique artwork for their choice of this year’s seven tracks, which include Aretha Franklin’s One Step Ahead, Foo Fighters’ This is a Call, and Miles Davis’ Miles Runs the Voodoo Down.
The auction took place on 1 November with proceeds going to Help Refugees, and taking place on eBay, in support of the charity initiative. The free exhibition opened at Now Gallery on Greenwich Peninsula from 14 October – 1 November 2020.
Sleeve artwork for "Harmony Hall" by Vampire Weekend
Sleeve artwork for "Toast" by Koffee
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