The Animal Co invited graphic artists to dedicate their latest piece to the animal they love the most to take part in their collective showcase of artists "The Species Project" with only one rule: to design it in the exact form of the Animal logo.
The Feathered Serpent 
The animal that I decided to illustrate is the powerful “Quetzalcoatl”, a legendary Mesoamerican animal deity whose name comes from the nahuatl language that means “the feathered serpent” (this could be interpreted to be a dragon).
Once I took the task to give life to this ancient creature I wanted to come up with something colorful that could match the concept that I wanted for the illustration, so I became inspired by some fantastical creatures called “alebrijes” which are brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures. The final composition is the result of combining the ideas already exposed with my illustration style & technique.

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