Collective exhibition called "2da. Expo de Diseño con Realidad Aumentada" organized by Revista Capiusa.
The objective of this project was to unite illustration with animation professionals in order to create graphic pieces that could be animated and represent how the "ideas" happen. 
The event took place at the ALLIANCE-FRANÇAISE GUATEMALA on May 15th 2014.
- Selected Graphic Artists - 
Luiso Ponce, Luis Pedro Leiva (Mr.KrazyMan), Luis Pinto & Víctor Zarceño (Viiczar).
- Selected Animators -
Rodrigo Aguilar (Zapatoverde), Daniel Molina, Carlos Jiménez (Conejo Loco) & Oscar Donado (Spranks)
How Ideas Happen (Luis Pinto)
Photos of the Opening Night Exhibition
From left to right: Luis Pinto, Luis Leiva, Rodrigo Aguilar, Oscar Méndez & Victor Zarceño
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