Chilam Balam (Boca del Jaguar)

Chilam Balam (Boca del Jaguar), 2012. Mixed Media Illustration.

Chilam Balam (Boca del Jaguar)
Mixed Media Illustration,2012
"Balam" it's the mayan word for "Jaguar".

The Chilam Balam was a book mayan priests used for rituals. It can be translated to "Jaguar's Mouth" or "Sacred Jaguar".  The jaguar was the most important animal for mayans, therefore was considered and important & sacred being.

This piece was concieved using this concept, generating a Jaguar from different organic elements until it was percieved as a whole, as a sacred being born from nature.

Enjoy and tell me which version you like most.

Carpe Diem to you all thank you for your support.

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